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Tulaai Leitung Thuthang tuamtuam updates Jan 13, 2014

Tulaai Leitung Thuthang tuamtuam updates Jan 13, 2014

USA gam Louisville Khuapi Kentucky state ah Pilna kuitung PhD sinding in Sia Pau Khai te innkuan cidam tak in Jan 13,2014 ni in asangkah nadingmun tungta uhhi. Hih bang USA gam ah pilna kuitung sinding in Innkuan a pai Zomi sung ah amasapeen zong hiding in ka um a, hihbang in sangkahding ageelna Iminam in kisam ahihman hi ciin Sia Pau Khai in gen hi. Dr Do Kham in ongnusia tagah kisa in iom laaitak in  Zomi ading in asisa ipa ongthokik bang in kangaihsun a kalungdam mahmah hi. 

Kawlgam sung ah nu le pa kizopna lamsang ah numei te khuaval naailolua ahihman in numei cidamnading bangmah kigenpih theilo a, hihthu ah khua amuhzawk nading uh ngimna tawh Danmark gamte in Jan 13,2014 ni in huhna Dollar Awn 17 piakhia in Zato innzong Kumpinonu Mary Elizabeth honna vanei hi. 

A (7) veina Asean gam 11 te i Gualbanlo mite kimawl kidemna Jan 12,2014 ni in Nipydaw ah honpawi bawl uha, kimawlna ahihleh Jan 14-20 sung Nipydaw khuapi sung ah kimawl ziahziah ding uhhi. Hih kimawlna ah kawlgam pan mi 213 kimawlding a, kimawl vekpi mi 1,100 vaalding uhhi. 

Jan 10,2014 ni Kachin state Phakant myonee a kawlgam gaalkaap mi 6 asihna tawh kisai thuthang te in KIA tawh kikaap ci himah leh KIA tawh kisai kilkel lo hi ci in KIA no6 Makaai En Khaw Zam in Jan 13,2014 ni in genkhia hi. KIA tawh akisai lohdan tellah theihding akician in aomban ah tua kikaapna kiim ah KIA gaalkap khatzong omlo in KIA ten Kawl biakna ahizong Christian biakna a hizong Biak Inn te kaapnading thu kipia ngeilo hi ci in genbeh hi. Khuasungmiten bel Kawl gaalkaap te amau le amau akikaap khial ci in gen uhhi. 

Kawlgam kumpi leh Mualtung mi nakee te kawlgam buphuam kilemna suaikaih khitciang bangcibang a gamthu politics kikumding cih geelkholhna neiding in Mualtung thuatawi kipawlna makaai mi 20 leh gamdang mipil pawlkhat Thailand gam Chinmai khuasung aom Win Place Hotel ah Jan 13,2014 ni in thukikupna kipan ta uhhi. 

Kawlgam sung aom Phu khualui thumte UN taangvan ciaptehna ah UNESCO ah akikipsak theihna ding in Jan 22,2014 niciang Leitung a taangvan kancian pawl  ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and sites) in anunung peen kancian na neiding ci in jan 13,2014 ni in taangkokhia uhhi. 

Malaysia kumpi te in Khuasung annsai te ah gamdangmi naseem sangnawnloding cihthu Jan 13,2014 ni in taangkokhia uhhi. Malaysia gamsung Annsai naseem mi 6 lakah atawmpeen khat gamdang mi hia, thaman tawm ahihman mihauten deihzaw himah leh kumpi ten gamdangmite heemkhia in tualsuak mite nasepneihding deih zaw uhhi.

Leitung ah tukpeeng kimawl siam mahmah The World Player Of The Year minphatna ngahding in Portugal gammi Cristiano Ronaldo Fifa Award piapawl in Jan 13,2014 ni in point 1,365 tawh teelkhia uhhi. Messi leh Ribery te ki  ummawh mahmah himah leh Messi point 1,205, Ribery point 1,127 tabek ngah mawk uhhi. 

Egypt gamte in agelh thak uh gambup thukhunthak tawh kisai mipi lungsim laakna meekhiatna ninihsung bawlsakding in geelna nei uh ahihman in Jan 13,2014 ni in Palik 2oo,ooo micing 150, hiamtawi 200 ninih sung khauhtak micing ding in kumpi lamte in sehkhol uhhi. 

Israel Prime Minister luui Ariel Sharon Jan 13,2014 ni in leisung ah kiphum a, sihvui na hunsung ah Leitung gamtuamtuam makaaite, adiak in US Vice President Joe Biden leh British Prime Minister luui Tony Blair te vakihel uhhi. 

Theih huai thu pawlkhat anuai ah-

                             Statement of The First Falam Youth Conference (FYC)
                                               Falam Town, Chin State
                                   28 December 2013 - 2 January 2014

284 youths from Rangoon, Mandalay, Pin Oo Lwin, Monywa, Mogok, the four townships of Tamu, Kalaymyo, Hakha and Falam, and Rihkhuadar sub-township gathered and participated in the Falam Youth Conference held in Falam town, Chin State from 28 December 2013 to 2 January 2014 for five days, and reached the following points of agreement.

1. We plan to continue in the future this kind of youth conference that can strengthen genuine understanding and friendship among the youth.

2. We welcome the peace process of President Thein Sein's government, and urge the central government to base building the future Union of Burma on the Panglong spirit, and to establish a genuine federal Union that devolves more authority, powers and rights to each individual state.

3. We urge that the alcoholic drinks, which are increasingly available and being sold in Chin State and Kalay Township of Sagaing Region without being medically tested, be put on the market only after they have been processed in accordance with medical standards as they, once consumed, are detrimental to youths in their health and character.

4. We, having visited and inspected the airport construction site on Mount Surbung near Falam town, urge that the project be completed as soon as possible to make Chin State to be more accessible.

5. We strongly oppose the ongoing extraction of natural resources in Chin State including Gullu Mual by companies from both inside and outside of the country without transparency and consultation with local communities, urge that the projects be suspended, and recommend that they be resumed in conformity with the EIA/SIA (Environmental Impact Assessment/Social Impact Assessment) standards only after necessary laws and policies agreed by all stakeholders are put in place.  

6. We desire that Chin languages, essential to protecting the Chin as a nation that had co-founded the Union of Burma, be incorporated with Burmese as part of the official language in Chin State as a sign of respect to their own literature.

7. We urge that Chin State, the poorest in the country, be designated as a Special Economic Zone focusing on all-sector developments including education, health and region.

8. We form a new body called 'Falam Youth Network' to implement the above-mentioned points of agreement.

Date: 2 January 2014

Laaimal kikhial kha aomkhaak leh ngaihdam bawm ah maw 

Thang Khawm Pau Zomi